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Meet the Team!

The members who function as Managers and Content Creators are able to post their drawings in personal and group albums, and they can submit their images to be used in the Cover Photo collage. Check out the international group of DrawSomething Fanatics!!For more great DS art, check out Team DLi on Instagram and bestofdrawsomething.com!

Senior managers / founders

Mehl, the “founding father” of DrawSomething Fanatics, is an architect by day and an amazing DS artist by night… well okay, by day too. His meticulous line work and attention to detail often make people wonder how he manages such amazing artwork with the notorious ink limit.

Cin is one of the founding members of DSF, and a tattoo artist by trade. We joke about Cin being the Queen of Horror (drawings), but in reality, she can draw pretty much anything!


Leanne is one of the founding members of DSF, and a middle school teacher. Be careful if you’re checking her gallery on an empty stomach – Leanne has a talent for drawing food that looks so real, you’ll want to try to eat it off of the screen!

Nick Romasco
Massachusetts, USA
Nick is the fourth founding member of DSF, and is probably best known for his awesome Android vs. Apple cartoons in DS.


DSF Managers

Michelle O’Donnell
Massachusetts, USA
Michelle is one of the DSF Managers and Wet Noodle Wrangler. She prefers drawing portraits, cartoons and comics (especially Calvin & Hobbes), and goofy stuff in general.

Poppy is one of the DSF Managers; when she’s not drawing her amazing “Poppy skies” in DS, she’s an interpreter, teacher, and ninja extraordinaire.

Debbie is one of the DSF Managers, and mom to two awesome kiddiewinkles. Debbie’s colorful, signature style makes her DS drawings look like they’ve been worked in pastels and paint!

Denny is one of the DSF Managers, and when he’s not creating amazing portraits on DS, he runs a bakery and coffee shop, and does work as a chef and graphic designer.


Content Managers

Jaw-dropping. That’s probably the best way to describe much of Mini’s DS artwork. She has a way of working with intense colors and composition that would probably make us hate her a little if she weren’t such a sweetheart and so supportive of her fellow artists!

We’re not sure how Icul managed to create her beautiful, elegant DS drawings (seriously, they look like they’re done with ink washes) while studying to become a doctor, but she did it nonetheless. She hasn’t been as active with the app as of late, but her artwork’s worth waiting for!


We’re not sure if Emma’s love of illustrations from children’s’ books or her own kiddiewinkles came first… but in any case, Emma’s drawings almost always have a touch of whimsy that we simply adore.

Dar Mehrer MacDonald
Vancouver, Canada
Dar is a stay-at-home gramma and a freelance artist; while all of her artwork is lovely, she has a special talent for drawing landscapes and nature scenes.


Straylight is an editor (movies, commercials, documentaries and the like), but has also worked as a graphic designer. He might have missed his true calling of being a comic book artist though, as he makes his comic-inspired drawings look so effortless… and just plain awesome!

Jared’s probably best known for his DS drawings based on the artwork of Chris Uminga, but he does other cool DS artwork as well, particularly comic book characters. He seems to have branched out into a new drawing “obsession”: koi fish and dragons!


When Linda’s not working on the DSF site, she’s working on a website for a local nonprofit… and as per her username (ebflute), she plays the flute as well. Linda’s DS artwork has evolved from pretty drawings featuring her signature dot style (and “pretty” is meant as a true compliment) into more complex, dramatic masterpieces!

Don’t let Bianca’s title of “mechanical engineer” fool you (did we mention she designs airplane engines?); she’s also an amazing artist, specializing in drawing beautiful creatures – especially horses and marine life!


Tiina De Stele
Turku, Finland
Tiina’s a mom (and grandma!), and based on her album, would be slightly obsessed with donuts. Just kidding. Some of her food drawings are hyper-realistic, and her portraits are also getting to the crazy-good level. She might just break the internets if she starts drawing portraits of people eating donuts!
Content Creators


Dale Nicolas/Dale N, Florida, USA
Chris Ross, New York, USA
Alvin Monzones, Manila, Philippines
Brad Unger/Brad1000, Ohio, USA
Allan Lee/yfallen, Hongkong
Ryan Berunia / whaizkie, Quezon City, Philippines
Ralph Manalo / rjpmanalo918, Baguio City, Philippines
Heather Julius/hrjulius5186 (game)/gingart (IG)
Alyssa Rae Perez / PaintedViolin (IG), Colorado, USA
Esau Bautista / ckbautista (IG), California, USA
Natalie Dobson/dobbidodarr (IG), U.K
Melchor Igacio / meluminatti (IG), California, USA
Leopart Nik / LeopArtnik (IG)
Jin Lee / jinleecn (IG)
Luke Smith / lukethesmith (IG)
Brian St. Clair / bsc73 (IG)
David Lockhart / PapaOjam (IG)
Eron Carlos Costa / ikarow (IG)
Bernardo Ivan Diaz, Mexico
Eduardo Odloak / Odloak (IG)
Wendy Moreman
Tiffany Hertzon
Greg Patrick
Chrystelle Lapratte
Mike Clancy / emptysee (IG)
Chris Federick Lim / chrisfederick (IG)
Jeff Apriyanto Tanjaya
David Burles
Nicole Beth
Shailiney Talwar / Shavaya (IG), London, England
Namtip Seekim / tipseekim (IG)
Timothy Hsu / moarartzplz (DS/IG/Tumblr), California, USA
Joanne Smith
Tommy Hadar
Helen Gia Han / ashleyfan894 (IG)
Paula Feliciano / pauerup (IG)
Alan Chow / Qikdr4w (IG), Brisbane, Australia
Johnee Bee
Paolo Sessa / pmaxx69 (IG), Naples, Italy
Pepsy Kopathe
Nina Nguyen / actermis14 (IG)
Namfon Massorn / namfon43 (IG)
Omer Sam / omersam (IG)
Tracy Strassburg / tracystrassburg (IG), North Carolina, USA
Dougi VS
Ekisha Narain / ekisha05 (IG)
Joe Thetattooartist Thurston / JoeThetattooartistThurston (IG)
Angela Cannon / angelalenga (IG)
Lawrence Hyde
Danielle Verhoeven
Sam Jebamony
Fischer Chen / mr_sides (IG)
Star Belina Ryan, Spokane, WA
Rene Leninger
Taylor Duce / taylorduce (IG)
Alvin Monzones / binoehigh5 (IG)
Steve Kim / Fobwashed (IG)
Linnéa Vidal Jalando-on / Papurrcat (IG)
Suzanne Snyder / suzysteel (DS2), Philadelphia, PA
Ania Zimmerman / Kasscraven (DS2), U.K.
Judee Hollander, Ottawa, Canada
Gian Marco Atienza
Piper Lee Sines / itisarainbow (IG and DS)
Chooka Bear
Tammy Rolison Vega

DSF Fans from around the world


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