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Guidelines for posting artwork on DSF

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We’ve created this page as a place to share your DrawSomething drawings with your fellow fans. We hope to foster a fun community of people who enjoy the game, no matter their artistic ability. Please share your work, even if you don’t think it’s that great; sometimes the best DS pics are the simple ones! The great thing about DrawSomething is that while it is a game, it’s not a competition. You can always ask your fellow DS fans/artists for constructive criticism if you’d like to improve your technical skills, and there’s always someone willing to give a bit of friendly advice.

The following is a list of ways to be a good citizen of the DSF community. The key takeaways are to post only your own original DS art, be courteous to others on the page, and avoid offering unsolicited or harsh criticism. Many of the items listed are common sense, but it is all spelled out here so that everyone is aware of our expectations

A. Image Posting Guidelines

1. Post your DrawSomething pictures ONLY; please do not post photographs or other artwork (even if you drew it yourself on an iPhone/mobile device/iPad/whatever).

2. Please post *your own* DS drawings. If you want to share a really great DS drawing by a friend or family member, have that person join the group and they can post their work. The only real exception to this is if you’re sharing a DS drawing for your child/young relative who is too young to be on Facebook – but please be clear that it’s their work, not your own.

3. Many of us use reference images (via Google or other sources) for our drawings, and that’s fine. Some of us even use other DS artists’ work for inspiration for our drawings, and that’s fine too; sometimes the best way to improve drawing skills is by trying to mimic other artists’ work. However, it’s considered good form to give credit where credit is due if you do use other peoples’ DS work as the basis for your own.

4. On a related note: since many of us do use stock/Google images, it’s likely that some of us will use the same source image… so some of our work might end up looking very similar without either artist realizing it. If you spot someone’s work that looks remarkably like your own but they haven’t acknowledged it, don’t take it too personally. If, however, you see that someone has swiped your actual DS drawing and posted it as their own work, please let the DSF admin know. The same goes for if someone uses your original non-DS artwork as the basis for their own work without your consent.

5. We’re aware that some artists like to edit their saved DS drawings in other programs to give them a more finished look (ahh, the cursed ink meter!), or to incorporate two or more drawings in the same picture. Here at DrawSomethingFanatics, we ask that you only share your unedited drawings from the game. The only standing exceptions for this are: 1) if you want to add your signature/watermark to your own drawing, 2) if you want to make a collage of in-progress screen caps of your own drawing, or 3) if you want to show the original reference picture along with your unedited drawing to compare the two (in the same photo – we don’t want the DSF Wall to be cluttered with random reference pictures). We want the DrawSomething community to see the amazing art that’s possible even without a pristine (or even finished!) drawing; we also want to encourage the exchange of artistic ideas and technical know-how.

6. There are some additional exceptions to rule #5 at the admin level for specific purposes, such as Best Of or cover art collages and Weekly Challenges for our admins who are also Team DLi members on InstaGram; these are determined on a case-by-case basis by the head honcho, and should not be taken as a cue to begin a post-editing free-for-all. If you are uncertain of what is allowed and what is not, please ask an admin and they will be happy to help you out.

7. Please don’t post pornographic images. If you’re not sure if a drawing would cross the line, err on the side of caution; you can always send a message to the admin to ask if a drawing is suitable for posting on the DSF Wall.

8. On that note, while we’re absolutely not into censorship of creativity, do please keep in mind that this is a community site and that Facebook’s minimum age is 13. We do have young artists viewing our page, and we also have a community of people of varied backgrounds. Please consider the artistic value of your piece before posting it; one person’s art is another person’s offensive, true, but sometimes it is really just offensiveness for its own sake. We can tell the difference and we reserve the right to remove pieces that cross that line.This includes topics such as racism, sexism, personal insults, and other types of offensive or inflammatory material.

9. We ask that you please limit your submissions to a maximum of 15 to 20 per day. We’re not sticklers about it and won’t be counting everyone’s posts, but if it seems one person has monopolized the feed, we reserve the right to protest.

10. Please do not post images that have been drawn using a tracing app. While we appreciate that some people find tracing to be a useful tool for learning how to draw, the DSF admin feel that traced images aren’t appropriate for the DrawSomething Fanatics page. If you have posted traced images prior to the update to the Rules & Guidelines that includes this blurb, the image(s) will be removed, and we will send you a private message to inform you of the removal. If you post traced images on the DSF Wall after the update to the R&G, we will remove the image(s), and send you a warning via private message. If the warnings are ignored and you continue to post traced images, you might be banned from the DSF page. Please note that the DSF admin do not take the issue of removing images from the DSF Wall lightly; we do, however, reserve the right to remove images at our discretion.


B. Comment Posting Guidelines

1. Be respectful. Sharing artwork is personal and sometimes nerve-wracking; we like to show support for our fellow DS fans. Of course there’s no rule about having to like every drawing that everyone posts – art is a very subjective thing. If you don’t like someone’s drawing, please keep any snarky comments to yourself. If the person specifically asks for other peoples’ opinions on their artwork, please offer constructive criticism (see section C below).

2. Please keep Wall Posts on the subject of DrawSomething. If you want to post funny links, political rants, or what you had for breakfast this morning, do that on your own Facebook page.

3. Please try to keep on-topic in the comments for individual drawings, especially if the original poster has asked for opinions or advice on their artwork. Of course, it’s natural to go off on tangents in comments – we’ve all done it – but if the original poster asks people to rein it in a bit, we should respect their request.

4. While we encourage everyone at DSF to participate in the community and maybe even form new friendships outside of the page, there is no obligation to post pictures, comment on drawings or accept friend/game requests from fellow DS fans. If you have sent a friend/game request to a fellow fan and they haven’t replied, DO NOT PESTER THEM to find out why. If you have received multiple requests or unwanted messages from someone via the DSF page, please message the admin.

5. DO NOT SPAM THE PAGE. That includes photos, videos, links or wall posts that are used to advertise any number of sites or scams.

6. If you see a DS drawing that appears to have been generated via a tracing app, please do NOT accuse the artist who posted it of tracing and/or cheating, either in the comments or via PM to that person. Instead, please write a private message to the DSF page itself, or to one of the DSF admin (preferably a manager), and we will look into the matter. While we don’t like the idea of people posting traced images to the DSF Wall, we like the idea of people arguing in the comments even less. Continued accusations of cheating, tracing, etc… might result in getting a warning from the page – or even getting banned if said warnings are ignored.


C. Guidelines for Offering Constructive Feedback

Here at DSF we value a positive, interactive community. Sometimes that includes offering feedback on the artwork of others, or seeking feedback on your own work. This is a good thing! However, receiving feedback, even when solicited, can be sensitive, so the managers have some suggestions on how to navigate feedback without offending or being offended.


1. Never ever offer unsolicited critical feedback. Ever. No matter how well-intentioned you may be, no matter how much of an expert you may be, don’t do it. It comes off as arrogant. The person receiving the feedback will probably not be open to hearing it unless they asked for it, so it’s really useless anyway. If you can’t help yourself, write a critique to yourself. But don’t post it, because nobody wants to read it except for you. Don’t be that guy.

2. “Tell me what you think” is not always a solicitation for critical feedback. For some people that is a solicitation for positive feedback. While it’s true that a person asking that question has opened themselves up for potentially feeling offended, that is not a reason to be the one to do it. Be certain that a person’s solicitation for potentially critical feedback is in earnest or else keep it to yourself (see #1).

3. If someone truly wants feedback (they have said, “Hey can someone give me ideas on how to make my portraits less cartoon-like” or something specific like that), you should still be careful that your feedback does not come across as belittling. The best way to do so is to approach it as an equal partner tackling a problem together. Ask questions (“Have you tried using shading?”) or give examples of your own techniques (“Sometimes I find it helpful to use a ruler and measure the features of my reference pic to help me plan where to place them”).

4. Do not pick apart a drawing and highlight its flaws; the artist most likely already knows where they fall short, they just don’t know how to fix it. At most, offer one or two suggestions for improvement, and make sure to also include encouragement about what they’ve done well. “A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down,” right?

5. Be specific in praise and general in criticism. Example: “I really like how the eyes have three different colors of blue in them because it adds dimension.” A specific praise of an aspect of their drawing. “Have you tried contrasting background colors? They make things pop.” A suggestion for improvement on a drawing that lacks contrast without referencing their work or saying bluntly that they have failed to do something.

6. When someone offers criticism of your work, whether solicited or not, try to be objective. Recognize that it doesn’t feel good, but look for what you can use to improve. If you don’t agree, don’t bother defending yourself; they look arrogant for offering unsolicited or thoughtless criticism (see #1), so there’s no need to make yourself look insecure by arguing.


D. Themes, Contests, and Activities


1. Fans may submit five pieces per week* to the Theme of the Week fan album. Submissions should be labeled “Theme of the Week” to alert the admin to transfer them to the album. If you have already submitted two pieces to the week’s theme but then you create a new masterpiece that you think better represents your ability, let an admin know (either by tracking one down on the page or sending a message to the page itself) and we will replace whichever of your previous submissions you choose with your new selection.

2. Drawings for Drawing of the Day are selected from all of the wall posts from roughly the past day or two. Only one piece from an individual artist may be considered per day. Admins vote on the winners and thus are ineligible for the contest.

3. Drawings considered for Drawing of the Day that do not win for that day are collected to be voted on for the weekly Runners-Up Race. Unlike DotD, which is voted on by admins only, fans (and their friends and supporters) can come to the page and like their drawings. The drawing with the most likes by closing time wins a permanent spot in the RUR album!


E. Other Notes:


• The members who function as admin (Managers and Content Creators) are able to post their images in albums, and they can submit their images to be used in the Cover Photo collage.

• Albums that include non-admin fan art, such as contest and theme albums, are managed by admins and cannot be edited or added to by anyone without admin level page access.

• It’s up to The Powers That Be to decide who gets to be an admin… and begging to be chosen won’t help your cause. Posting your work, following the R&G in this document, working on your craft (being creative and/or improving technique), being kind and helpful to other community members, and other good citizen type stuff definitely can’t hurt.

• If you are ever unclear about any of the rules and guidelines or have any questions, please ask; the admins all work hard to be responsive and helpful. Many times even your fellow fans will have a quick, helpful answer before an admin even sees the question. This is a community and we love to see that interaction.

• By posting to the DrawSomething Fanatics page, you agree to follow our Rules & Guidelines. Violation of the DSF Rules & Guidelines can result in being banned from the page (and being reported to Facebook itself if deemed necessary). On occasion, we may need to update the Rules & Guidelines; we’ll post notifications about any changes on the DSF Wall.


  • lalamosley48 says:

    You talk about averythin, except HOW TO POST to DSfanatics. I can’t figure it out.
    Do I do it from my drawsomething or from facebook where i post my drawing? Please, answer soon.

  • Bianca says:

    You can post your drawings on the http://www.facebook.com/DSFanatics timeline. You can’t do it directly from the Draw Something app. You will need to take a screenshot. If you are posting on mobile, you will need to go to the page and scroll down until you get to “More Posts” and go there. From that page and then it will let “Share Photo”. There is a quick video tutorial on the DrawSomething Fanatics account in DS2 that shows this process.

  • Donna van Rijn says:

    First I’d like to say how much I love the newer DrawSomething2. It’s so much better than the first one. I was drawing the daily drawing earlier today (New York theme)and I had to stop because my battery was used all the way up and I wasn’t finished yet. I chose buildings in New York which is tedious and I was trying to challenge myself. When I was a teenager I got into the High School of Art & Design and I remember some of the things we did was go outside and draw buildings and trash cans. Anyway, I was doing pretty good and was feeling good about it and had a little more of the second building and when I went to check on the battery somehow I LOST my picture. I was so mad..LOL! Is there anyway to get your picture back? I don’t know if this is crazy to even ask but I thought I’d give it a shot.

    I hope I am writing this to the right page. I hope to hear from someone soon!
    Donna J

  • Bianca says:

    Hi Donna, It sounds like it might of crashed while sending. The DrawSomething Fanatics are really just avid players though so we can’t really assist with checking the servers. The latest update to DS2 does now recover drawings that were in progress during a crash though, so hopefully this won’t happen to you again! Good luck!

  • Alesha aka picklejuice (formerly pickletickled) says:

    Hi! I just wanted to clarify? If I post a drawing, I should label what it’s for…but I’m wondering about some of the things you guys have, like the copycat & such. What is available to everyone? That might sound dumb, since if it’s something we can’t do, we probably can’t access it…lol. And to access the things like the copycat, we look for them in the newsletter each Monday? Just looking for basic info. Thanks so much. 🙂

  • Bianca says:

    Hi. Yes, you can participate in the theme of the week, copycat, reasonable facsimiles and any other weekly challenges. Just label them as appropriate so they can be put into the right album by an admin. You can also participate in any group games posted on the Bulletin Board. The Newsletter is actually posted on Wednesdays as each game starts Wednesday and goes through the following Tuesday.

  • Susan says:

    I posted a Copy Cat drawing for this week to the timeline on your Facebook page with #dsfcopycat16. It apparently has disappeared. Was this wrong? Why would you remove it? Can we see all the submissions or just the ones you want to display?

  • Susan Love says:

    I posted a Copy Cat drawing for this week to the timeline on your Facebook page with #dsfcopycat16. It apparently has disappeared. Was this wrong? Why would you remove it? Can we see all the submissions or just the ones you want to display?

    Ok, so now I get a refusal if this question with a comment that I’ve already asked it???
    I don’t think so, and if I did, where is the answer?

  • Bianca says:

    Susan, Your drawing is still there. It shows up under “Posts by Others” on the Timeline. You might have to change your page filter to see the Posts by Others. Admins will move or copy drawings from the posts by others into the Copycat album, or whichever album it is meant for. Also, the comments on the website are moderated but they are not checked every day. Your comment wasn’t refused, we just hadn’t seen it yet.