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Happy Anniversary to DSF!

Submitted by on May 31, 2013 – 5:40 am 4 Comments

dsflogoDrawSomething Fanatics celebrates our 1 year anniversary on June 1st, 2013.

The DSF team would like to say “Thank You!” to all of the friends and content creators who make DSF a fun and supportive community for artists of DrawSomething. Your contributions of artwork, likes and comments encourage the proliferation of talent and creativity around the world to artists of all ages. Through the medium of DrawSomething an artistic revolution is happening, leading many people to tap into hidden talents or re-discover the joy of creating art. Every day, new DS masterpieces are posted on the DSF Facebook page, inspiring other aspiring artists with new possibilities. The content creators make this all possible. The founders and managers are so proud to see what a fantastic page DSF has become in just one year.  Our deepest gratitude to you for choosing DSF as a forum to share your work and support other artists in the community!

The DSF content creators hail from 25 countries on 5 continents, making this a truly global community.

Asia: Philippines, Taiwan, China & Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Israel, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam

Europe: UK, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden

North America: USA, Canada, Mexico

South America: Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago


Oceania: New Zealand

In just the past month, the page reached 2000 likes! Check out the infographic below for more DSF stats…


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  • Leanne Van Bergen says:

    This looks amazing! Awesome job, team! So wonderful the launch managed to tie in with our anniversary!

  • poppysea says:

    Thanks, Leanne! The lion’s share of the credit goes to Linda. She is a worker bee for sure. <3

  • Jessica Ruth says:

    Thanks for the awesome infographics! It is so cool to be a part if this! Amazing how it brings the world together!

  • Karen Neville says:

    Draw Something 2 has changed my everyday life. I am always looking at my phone to see what challenge I have before me. Sometimes I can have 3-6. And then other times I am disappointed because I don’t have anything. (Could it be that I just checked it 5 minutes ago?”) At any rate, the fabulous artists have inspired me to do better. I find I am taking my time, really thinking about what looks good vs, what looks elementary. I only wish that some of the bugs were worked out to make DS2 even better. It can get frustrating, but as you can see that has not stopped me from drawing many times a day. Thanks to the DS2 team for your efforts in creating an environment so different from anything else. Hey, the best part, I have to use my brain. Kudos to Draw Something Two!
    Karen Neville